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Will's Story

Early Life

Like most people, Will always gravitated towards individuals in his life that could make him laugh and those that could also tell a great story. This holds especially true regarding his maternal grandfather, Basil, for whom Will credits with the bulk of his sense of humor and ability to spin a tale. 

Will's father, Steven, while not a big talker was an avid reader. He instilled in Will a love of reading, books and libraries. By immersing himself in books, he learned the elements of a good story. However, the best thing to come from his father's literary guidance was that he learned the importance of libraries within a community. 


Library Life

A week after high school, Will took a job at the public library that he often visited as a child. In the first few years, he held various part-time positions within the system.


He found his calling while working in the library's Children's Department and ended up spending 20+ years working with children. However, his work isn't limited to the youngest library patrons. He planned and performed programs for preschoolers through senior citizens both in the library and throughout northwest Missouri. Through trial and error at these programs, Will honed his storytelling and teaching skills. 

The library isn't only important in Will's professional life but also his personal life. Will met his true love, Crystal, while working alongside her at the library. They are now married with two children, Lilah and Curran.

The AH-HA! Moment

Most great stories have dark moments, for Will it was a heart attack in his mid 30's. While in the hospital, he had time to reflect on the impact he was making in his own community. He was proud of what he had accomplished but he felt he could do so much more. He made a full recovery and with the encouragement of many people, Will decided that he needed to teach others why their story is important. He also wanted teach people the skills and tips he had learned regarding the art of storytelling. He also relishes the opportunity to educate and entertain children of all ages. So with these things in mind Will made the bittersweet decision to step away from his library career and take the leap into full time speaker, entertainer and educator. 

His presentation style is often described as “high energy” and “hilarious." Packed with plenty of audience participation, his shows are sure to make the young and young at heart smile from ear to ear. 

Will's story is still being written and he would love for you to be a part of it. 

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