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All shows are approximately one hour in length and perfect for either large or small groups, unless otherwise noted.


School administration and/or PTO planners make sure to ask about pairing a school assembly with an evening PTO presentation.

School and Library Presentations

Tell Your Story 

An entertaining and engaging program that teaches the power of stories as well as how to improve everyone's storytelling ability. Will teaches basic story structure and tips for storytelling mixed with plenty of examples and laughs. Will also stresses that EVERYONE'S story is important and deserves to be told.

BOOM! Stories & Science! 

A show that teaches that Fiction and Non-Fiction are both important and both fun! This show is a favorite among those institutions looking for a high energy STEM presentation. A lively mix of science experiments and storytelling that is sure to get your students or younger patrons excited about science and reading.

HOOPLA! Stories & Songs to Make You Wiggle and Giggle

A show constructed to make your patrons roll on the floor laughing. Will shares some of his favorite stories and songs that are loaded with plenty of  audience participation.

Annual CSLP Themed Show

Summer reading is a favorite time of the year for Will. Participating in the program as child, hosting performers and motivating young readers as a children's librarian and now as a performer he enjoys creating a custom show around the Collaborative Summer Reading Program's theme each year.

Not-So-Scary Stories

Imaginary monsters, giggling ghost and crazy creatures abound in this perfect show for the Halloween season. With his many years of experience working with children, Will knows how scary to tailor the show based on the age of his audience. The finale of this show, especially with younger audiences, is that Will draws a unique creature based on the suggestions from group.

Winter Wonder-laughs

When the weather outside is frightful, Will shares his favorite snowy stories, songs, science and silliness guaranteed to shake off those winter blahs.

Customized Storytelling Show

You wouldn't believe the themes that Will has been asked to tailor a storytelling show for. Each time he rose to the challenge and found great books, stories and songs to fill the request. Don't see a storytelling show that works for your needs. Simply ask.

Cartooning Workshop

Ever since he could hold a crayon Will has loved drawing. He had aspirations growing up of becoming a cartoonist or animator and even received a degree in art. His "Art in the Library" program ran for twenty years, he taught dozens of teen programs on cartooning and even was an adjunct instructor for the local university teaching both cartooning animation.

Participants in this program learn basic instruction on how to create their own cartoon character. It can be tailored for any age group and is  offered in a 60, 90 & 120 minute format, whichever best suits your needs. All supplies provided. This workshop works best for upper elementary through teens.

Storytelling Workshop and/or Residencies 


This workshop goes into more depth on the topics discussed in the Tell Your Story presentation. Participants can learn about story archtypes, how to create their own original stories and how to polish their anecdotal stories. They will also hone their vocal intonation and body language skills to improve story delivery. 

This workshop can be presented in two hours, five hours or any amount of time in between. This workshop is ideal for any age group.


There is a reason that festival organizers often bring Will back year after year. Will's high energy style of storytelling is what attracts the attention of fair and festival attendees. However, it is his humor and audience participation heavy shows that keep them coming back.

All of the shows above, except the Tell Your Story & the Cartooning Workshop, are available for festival performance. Will also offers walk around entertainment, which includes interactive juggling, magic, jokes and general nonsense.


Pricing for festivals is offered as one performance, half day (2 shows, 2 hours of walkaround or 1 hour walkaround & 1 show) and full day (4 shows, 4 hours of walkaround or any combination of shows and walk around totally four hours.)

Festival Emcee


How do you keep festival entertainers happy, festival attendees aware of everything you have planned and festival organizers thrilled? A great emcee!


Will has over a decade experience emceeing fairs and festivals. His ability to think on his feet and problem solve helps keep everything running smoothly. As a performer himself, Will knows how to build up and introduce your entertainment. As emcee, Will also uses storytelling and songs between performers to keep your attendees engaged.


Combo pricing available when hiring Will as emcee and performing one of his other shows.

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